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Join over a million people. Nebula Robotics is an internationally active automation company. Our international customers come from, various sectors and not just manufacturing and automation. Nebula offers you everything from an individual source: from the specific components to fully automated solution.

Benefits for your enterprise

Automation is not just for the big boys anymore If a lack of manufacturing workers is slowing your progress, don’t despair.

Nebula robots are helping bridge the automation gap in manufacturing operations from small and mid-sized companies to huge multinationals.

All about our robots

Cost-effective, extensible, safe, and easy-to-use are just the coupon to increase your competitive advantage. our robots and automation solutions excel at repetitive, precise tasks, freeing your valuable employees for more rewarding roles and providing fast return on your investment.

Our premium service

Nebula is an advanced technology driven automation company with an expertise in Robotics and Special Purpose Machine(SPM) manufacturing—our prototyping and production services enhance and accelerate a company’s product development process more than 10X profitable.

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