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Industry 4.0 ready arc welding.
As a thought leader and trailblazer, Yasaka offers stable security as well as smart integration capability into digital and networked production world for the factories of the future and the Internet of Things. the result is greater effectiveness and flexibility throughout the value creation chain. For our customers, it is important to manufacture complex and difficult jobs which are processed to perfection down to the tiniest weld seam. This is a challenge that intelligent robots from Yasaka were designed to meet.


It is not easy to compete while the ground is shifting under your feet. In many industries ' high mix low volume' is the new normal, while automation becomes more complex and production cycles shorter.

Is your business ready?

Adapting to the realities of today's manufacturing can carry unique challenges.

Owning a robot has never been more easier.

Yasaka, Arc weld parameter management ensures simple programming and optimization of weld parameters. This is achieved by Stable arc, high consistency in parameter and high reliability in power source, to be effective supporting in bulk copy operation and long stable welding of robot.


Available Colors:

Seamless integration of technology partners.

Almost any power source form market-relevant manufacturers can be integrated seamlessly.

  • The arm span is 1.4m and can be installed on the ground or upside down flexibly.
  • With large working space and fast running speed it is suiitable for welding , spraying , loading and unloading ,handling ,sorting , assembling and other applications.
  • The safety emergency stop board is independent of controller , and the safety relay circuit is adopted to provide double circuit emergency stop to ensure the reliablility of emergency stop
  • The robot body cables are made of special cables for flexible robots.
  • Built-in three-phase transformer ,380V and 200Visolation ,more stable power supply.
  • Power supply requirements can be customized for different countries. Builtin-in three-phase filter can effectively improve the performance of emc and EMI.
  • The robot body is with dual -circuit gas pipe and meets welding and handling requirements
  • The inner diameter of the six axis hole is 46mm , which can meet the installation requirements of water cooled gun and bellows gun.
  • It comes with highly flexible built-in welding cable.
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Automation is not just for the big boys anymore If a lack of manufacturing workers is slowing your progress, don’t despair.

Nebula robots are helping bridge the automation gap in manufacturing operations from small and mid-sized companies to huge multinationals.

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Nebula is an advanced technology driven automation company with an expertise in 3D printing and special purpose machine(SPM) manufacturing—our prototyping and production services enhance and accelerate a company’s product development process more than 10X profitable.

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