YS1000UV Sterlizer

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (EUV)

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Pushing the limits of possibility

During a time of uncertainty, we turn to the most certain thing there is, science. Science can overcome diseases, create cures and yes, beat pandemics. It has before, it will again, because when it's faced with a new opponent, It doesn't back down, It revs up, asking questions till it finds what it's looking for. That's the power of science. So, we're taking our science and unleashing it, our research, experts and resources, all in an effort to advance potential therapies and machines. Other companies and academic institutions are doing the same. The entire global scientific community is working together to beat this thing, and we're using science to make it happen, because when science wins, we all win.

Why choose Yasaka?


7.5min ≥99.95%

UV electrodes can produced powerful UV light and kill microbes within a vary short period of time.

Industrial grade

Kills more than 99.99% of microbe.

Research shows that UV rays can denature microbes protein and destroy their DNA and RNA.

Large effective area.

30㎡ to 150㎡

One machince is enough for disinfecting an entire room or canteen.

Power saving

Protecting yout health efficintly

Electrodeless tubes have high conversion efficiency and save upto 50% energy.

Sterlizer timer

0min to 120min

The sterlizer will poweroff automatically once the time is up.

Tenfold lfetime

30000 - hour lifetime.

Electrode tubes are powered by microwave and are not affected by electrode oxidation .

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Yasaka UV Sterlizer adopts microwave driven UV technology and electrodeless UV tubes, which facilitates the production of powerfull UV rays while keeping the power consumption low and ensuring a longer lifetime. 253.7nm UV rays are easily absorbed by protein and nucleic acids of microbes , and can kill microbes by denaturig their proteins and destroying their DNA and RNA.


Effective area: ≤150m3

Noise: ≤55dB(A)

Input Voltage:~220V- ~240V

Input power: 450W - 1280W

Output power:≤1.28kW

Disinfecting rate: 90%-100%

UV itensity per tube: 107uW/cm2

Tube material: Quartz

Type of tube: Electrodeless Uv tube

Tube Quantity: 15

See how we have helped hospitals and health systems achieve statistically significant HAI rate reduction.

reduction in MSRA infection rates

Cone Health System in JIP 2013

Download Peer Reviewed Study


reduction in C.diff infection rates

Westchester Medical Center in AJIC 2015

Download Peer Reviewed Study


reduction in total joint SSIs infection rates

Trinity Medical Center in AJIC 2015

Download Peer Reviewed Study


Reduced Infection Rates by 50 - 100 %


Reducing HAI's can generate revenue.



Hospital/Exhibition hall


Indoor amusement park/Gym


Waiting Room

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